Controversial Nigerian relationship and se.x coach, has opened up on her fears of getting married for the second time.


Blessing has disclosed that because of her fear of marriage, she has ended up breaking a lot of hearts. She stated that anytime a man proposes marriage, she shuts them down because she does not want to go through the second phase of divorce.

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She wrote on her page, “I have broken so many hearts with NO. Once you say marriage I call it off, and bobo asked me today, do you want us to be in a relationship forever ???
And I replied yes 😭.
You don’t want commitment he asked ??
I replied 😭…
I don’t ever want to go through a divorce again …
10 years later I am still scared 😱
(I know u will feel good advising me. Oya )

In other news, Blessing Okoro has taken to her page to advise people who are eager to enter marriages. Relationship therapist Blessing Okoro has shared a piece of advice with people who are desperately delving into marriage without taking the time or thinking about it before entering. According to her, some people desperately enter marriages because they don’t know what they are getting into.

She took to her Instagram page and shared a photo with the inscription, “Ignorance makes a decision. Making very easy. Awareness makes decision-making even harder……She also captioned her post, “Some people desperately want marriage because they don’t even know what they are getting into 😃.
If you know u will take your time. I am too aware to be foolish.”.



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