Another 10-year-old child was nearly killed at Kasoa after a 14-year-old boy set him on fire.


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According to reports, the 10-yar-old boy was on his way after he was sent by his mother when the 14-year-old boy met him and poured a little jar of petroleum on him and lit a fire on him.

The mother of the victim said that her son had gone out to buy a shoe but upon his return, she realized that her son is with blazes all over his body.

Fortunately for the boy, there were people around to put out the fire on his body but he was left with severe burns on his body.

This comes almost a week now when another boy identified as Ishmael Abdullah Mensah was killed by two teenagers at Kasoa for money rituals.

The two boys were said to have been influenced by a spiritualist who requested an amount of GHC5,000 in addition to some human parts in exchange for power and wealth.

They said that the spiritualist promised to take them to the Volta Region where they will be fortified and blessed with excess wealth.

The boys were arrested and taken to the Kasoa Police Station to assist them with their investigations. The said spiritualist was also arrested for interrogation.

However, Ishmael Abdullah Mensah was buried yesterday according to the Islamic tradition.

Residents of Kasoa have called on the authorities to ensure the suspects are being punished for the crime, adding that they shouldn’t be brought back into the neighborhood.



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