Lagos socialite and crossdresser, Idris Okuneye Olanrewaju otherwise known as Bobrisky
is still going through a harrowing ordeal after undergoing a Brazilian butt lift surgery in the Dominican Republic.

After he was exposed for lying about traveling outside the country to under go the cosmetic surgery for her backside enlargement, Bobrisky is unbothered as she is still giving her fans updates on the progress of her BBL surgery.

Bobrisky had earlier posted a video of her lying on a hospital bed in what appears to be a surgical room getting her butts enlarged as she wanted and in a new video she shared, she is heard panting and complaining of the pain she is going through due to the surgery.

The bleaching expert assured netizens of what she will do as soon as she has completed and healed from the BBL surgery as she is going to snatch people’s husbands and boyfriends with her banging body.

However, in a recent post on her Instagram story, Bobrisky has revealed that she is still in pain due to the surgery but she understands that it is one of the prize she has to pay to get what she wants as ‘no pain no gain’.

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In a related news,a follower identified as @justemmanuel in reaction to Bobrisky’s BBL surgery accused Bobrisky of deceiving young girls as he quizzed him what happened to the butt enlargement products he has been promoting on his Instagram page.


What of all the butt enlargement product you were promoting, where you deceiving young girls?


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