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Cuppy last year started a #OffendingWithFendi on her various social media platforms which was meant at promoting and encouraging her fans to patronize the brand’s clothes and bags. But it seems the brand enjoyed the promotion by the ‘Karma’ hit maker without making any effort to even appreciate her works.

Most fans who have realized the billionaire’s daughter has stopped the popular social media trend begun asking questions and wanting to know if she has ran out of Fendi clothes.

In reaction to the questions, Cuppy has come out to explain why she stopped the social media trend stating Fendi is her favorite brand, she still feels disappointed the brand didn’t acknowledged her works even after her team reached out to them for a collaboration.

Some people ask me if I stopped #OffendingWithFendi weekly because I ran out of clothes…No, it’s because I was disappointed that my FAVE brand @Fendi didn’t acknowledge me even after my team reached out to collaborate.

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