A viral Whats app chat going viral on the internet shows how a guy wanted to use his friend’s sperm for money rituals.


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The act of young boys and girls engaging in money rituals is so much on the rise in Ghana as the youths stand at doing everything they can to get money the quickest way possible.

Recently, two teenagers from Kasoa in the Central region made the news after they allegedly killed a 10 year-old boy in aim of cutting some of his body parts and presenting it to a fetish priestess who promised to make them rich after they present to her those body parts.

Just a couple of days ago, a medical nurse who was reported missing for about a week was found dead in an abandoned place with some of her body parts caught off. Neighbors around suggested they suspect this was the activity of money ritualists.

One new way in which many people especially women uses to get rich fast is the selling of ‘males sperm’. About a couple of months ago, a chat between a female and her friend who was trying to recruit her into the sperm selling business hit the internet as many people expressed how they were surprised in the new method.

Well, another chat has hit online where a guy was trying to recruit a ‘hookup’ girl to sleep with his friend and bring back the sperm for money. The guy was willing to pay an amount of 1700 Ghana Cedis should the girl brings back the sperm of the friend but its shows the girl wanted no part in his ‘devilish’ activities.

Read the full chat below;

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SOURCE: GhGossip.com


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