Some students of Accra Academy are left in a state of dismay after a fire raided the dormitory of the school last night.


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Reports indicate the fire stated around 7: 30 p.m yesterday when most of the students were not in their various dormitories.

Sources revealed the fire started from the ironing room of the school destroying some valuables of some of the students including their trucks, chop boxes, beds and other valuables which may include money.

Personnel from the Ghana Fire Service were called to the scene when the students realized the ironing room was in flames and spreading across to other dormitories.

There are no causalities recorded so fair aside the properties that were destroyed because most of the students were at prep at the moment the fire started.

According to the Public Relations Officer (PRO) of the fire service, Ellis Robinson Okoe, the station got a distress call around 7: 46 p.m that there was a fire outbreak at one of the dormitories at Accra Academy School.

When we got here, we realised five of the dormitories are on fire. As I speak with you now, we have been able to bring the fire under control. There are little pockets of fire that we want to extinguish totally before we leave here.

We had to engage three of our fire engines to ensure that we bring the fire under control. We don’t have the cause of fire now so we will investigate and get the cause of fire.

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